Church Clerk

Chances are that you are here because you would like to transfer your membership either into Hampstead or out to the church you now worship at.

The membership transfer may take longer than you might expect. We have outlined the process to help you understand why.

  • For transfer in, the steps are as follows:
  • Complete the form below and the church clerk will send you a transfer in form.
  • Complete the transfer in form and return it to the church clerk.
  • Your request will be taken to the next board meeting to inform them of your desire to be transferred in.
  • A request for transfer will be sent to your old church.
  • The clerk of your old church will take the request to that church board.
  • Once approved, the request is taken to the church body as a first reading.
  • It is left for a week, then a second reading and a vote is taken.
  • Your old church clerk will inform Hampstead church that the transfer was done and send them a form confirming the transfer.
  • The clerk church at Hampstead will submit this form to the church board.
  • Once passed, the first an d second reading is done at Hampstead followed by a vote of acceptance.
  • The clerk at Hampstead will inform your old church that your membership is not at Hampstead and they will remove you from their records.