Family Empowerment Day

The 13th October was Hampstead SDA Churches Family Empowerment day. It was a day dedicated to promoting the unity and benefits that every family has to offer. The morning session began with a segment on family traditions. Several families within the Church told the congregation their own unique ways routines and ways of spending time together. For many it revolved around a family meal, others would hold morning devotions, and for some it was a simple as playing fun games. The session was hosted by a father and son duo in the format of a television news broadcast, and was actually broadcast online.

The family worship service featured the usual items except all were performed by families, in groups. Scripture readings were shared among several relatives, special item songs were performed in groups, and even the childrens story was performed by a mother and daughter duo. The sermon was delivered by Fitzroy Morris and was on the topic of what it means to be a member of Gods family. It was a lively, engaging and humour filled message tailored specifically towards the challenges, and benefits of family life. He spoke of his own childhood, what he saw growing up in his family, and what he sees today. Critically, he outlined what he feels are the most important priorities for any family in today society, and how a biblical, Godly principles are pivotal to their survival, and their growth.

The afternoon youth service was taken by Khaya Chiweshe and Isha Prince, and was on the topic of Sex and the Church. They began with a poignant observation that sex was a neglected issue in the church and that the best way to help people deal with it is to address it head on, with frank, open discussion, based on clear, biblical analysis. They revealed that the Christian ideal for sex is to be a deep, emotional and spiritual manifestation of love, and that it is in many ways a metaphor for the depth of love that God has for us.