Joshua’s Baptism

Surrounded by his immediate family members at the pool side and the Church family in the pews, Joshua Terrelonge (aged 14), was baptised on the last Sabbath of 2012.  Ava Walters (Joshua’s previous Sabbath school teacher) spoke about Joshua’s character and shared these words of wisdom, “Joshua, never ever allow yourself to think the decision you have made today, was the wrong decision”.

As the only candidate, the service was very intimate. The baptismal service centred around Joshua’s favourite scripture, “Joshua 24:15 & Deut 6:5 ” read by Hannah Fisher (he refers to as his Church grandmother) and favourite song ‘My Help’ sung by friends (the children and teens choir). The moment felt special, the Church beamed, we were all very proud. Joshua talks about his baptism

Why did you decide to get baptised?
‘I have wanted to get baptised for ages but there never seemed to be the right time for me and my family. The last Sabbath of 2012 seemed like the right time, it was convenient for my family and it was just in time for the new year.’

What does baptism means to you?
‘It means a new start, a new life, realising all the bad actions I have done and knowing I have the opportunity to be cleansed of them and start over.’

How are you going to be active in Church?
‘I would like to be a deacon , I think it’s a good starting point. I’m still young and I’m not confident enough to take up a bigger post. But if I become a deacon, I will be active and I can learn.’

Joshua’s most significant birth date is now 29th December 2012; the date he gave his life to Christ.

“We are pleased when anyone joins the Church but especially when its a young man” – Pastor Humphrey Walters